Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hathaway Cottage I

Hathaway Cottage is where Anne Hathaway, Shakespeare's wife grew up. [Note: this is not my picture, this is from the official guide.] Big, 12 room cottage. Family was very well off.

Again, not my photo-they wouldn't let you take pictures inside. But, this one was worth scanning in from the guidebook for two notable things. One, check out the floor timbers. Some of them were easily 20 inches wide. Big trees! Two, does anyone know the origination of the canopy bed? Well, it seems that insects, feces, small animals and various organic matters regularly fell through thatched roofs. Hence, a covering over your bed so that it did not rain down on you at night.

MY NEW FAVORITE THING IN THE WORLD. Some of the paths in the land around Hathaway's cottage were lined with Sweet Peas for sale. Tall as a person. Incredible smell that varied by variety--somewhat like Frangipani. Maybe 20? 30? Varieties in all. Amazing. Must try this winter. No fruit, but what a glorious scent.

A living Willow Arbor. Inside you could listen to sonnets, except when it rains a lot--as it just recently had. So, if you wanted to listen to a recitation of sonnets you had to go inside and inform the staff who would come out and read one for you. Neat!

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