Monday, July 13, 2009

Stratford-upon-Avon II

Interior of Shakespeare's birthplace. [Not my photo--this is from the official guide. Photos were not allowed inside.] The bed, in which Shakespeare's parents would have slept, was about the size of a full bed. Shakespeare would have slept in a trundle bed to the side. The canopy would have been to keep the bugs, sticks, etc. falling out of the thatch roof off the bed. The tapestry design--paint on canvas not embroidered--was both lovely and historically correct.

Exterior of Shakespeare's birthplace.

Garden around the cottage. Gardens, gardens, gardens!

Herb borders. The roses would have been used for perfumes and food flavoring [rose water, granitas, rose-hip tea].


Elena De La Ville said...

I LOVE these pictures!
They are enchanting, just like those gardens!
Thank you for posting!

Kim Northrop said...

thanks Elena!

Alison said...

When I visited England over a decade ago, I just loved their gardens! beautiful pictures!